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Weekend Fields

By Wednesday of the week of your game you should have made contact with their opponent and confirmed the game time and location, plus any other pertinent details found below. Make sure that you have copy of the field permits (attached to each weekely email), WYSL line-up forms or relevant roster, and your player cards. Copies of these permits should be in every team bag and available for review when you are on the fields.

Do not forget that game reports for all weekend matches MUST be entered onto the club website by no later than 8 pm on Sunday. Please include an account of your game (not too long) so that others in the club can hear how the game went and learn more about your team. This includes ALL premier league teams!


Please note the following points regarding security on our fields:

  • When you are on the fields after dark make sure you leave the fields as a group and that you watch out for each other as you get into your cars and leave the parking area. It’s probably a good idea to have a few flashlights handy if your team is out on Randalls at night.
  • Make sure to keep an eye on all of your belongings when on the island. Team bags and equipment should be kept in a group together next to an adult at all times. Do not expose valuables unnecessarily, including cell phones and other electronic equipment.
  • When using the pedestrian bridge it is best to walk over with others and keep all valuables hidden. Do not linger. There is a security telephone at the base of the bridge on the Randalls Island side. Use it if anything happens or you see something suspicious.
  • Report any incidents to the police. There are several different enforcement agencies monitoring the island for different purposes. The best way to let all of them know of any problems is to file a report. All of the security groups meet together weekly to share information and work on improving the overall security on the island.

Field set up
Corner flags are in our container on Kantor field. There are now separate metal bases and corner flags for windy days. There are canvas bags for the bases, two to a bag. If you are the first team to use the field you MUST set up the corner flags and check the nets. The last team using a field MUST return the corner flags and any sandbags to the container. Failure to setup or return equipment to the container may result in a fine! See this link for more detailed information regarding field setup: 


Cleanup and garbage

It is imperative that all teams pick up after themselves and that the last team on each field do a general cleanup of their field. The club has a good reputation with Randalls that we want to maintain. Please, if you carry it in carry it out, or put it in a garbage can, not on the field.

The 103rd Street Pedestrian Footbridge is now open.

Other important information

The hotline for the Randalls grass fields is 212-860-1830.
The hotline for Central Park North Meadow is 212-628-1036 extension 808.
There are no dogs allowed on any of the Randalls fields. Please make sure your opponents know this.