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MSC Field Notes

Requests, questions and concerns about MSC fields including schedules and permits should go to MSC Fields Director Bill Armstrong, warmstrong@waldinc.com.

For field-related emergencies:  917-838-0967




The Manhattan Soccer Club uses numerous fields on Randall's Island, including East River fields 70, 80-85, Kantor 1 and 2, and Icahn fields.  Some are turf, some are grass.  Set-up and take-down procedures for each kind of field are different.  Instructions are below:

  1. The corner flags with the either metal or black hard rubber bases are ONLY for use on the artificial turf fields. DO NOT USE THE YELLOW PLASTICE BASES as these blow over too easily.

  2. On grass fields, all goals must be either staked down securely or weighted down with sandbags.  There are sandbags in the container next to Kantor field.

  3. No dogs, no matter how small, are allowed inside the fence on any of the fields.  This includes dogs carried in bags.

  4. No smoking is allowed at any of our games

  5. Every field we use must be spotless when we leave no matter what its condition when we arrive.  Check especially the players’ side of the field.

  6. Make sure you have a copy of our permit with you for all games.

    Randalls 70, 82, 83, 84, 85, 10 (aka Icahn):  These are all turf fields.  Corner flags with the plastic bases and sandbags (2 for each goal) need to be gotten from the container, and returned there.  Everything else should be in place for you to play.  If no one is directly following your team on the field, make sure you lock the container before you leave.
    Kantor 1, Kantor 2 (also know as Randalls' 60 and 61):  These are grass fields.  There are goals just off the ends of the Kantor fields, and the fields should already be lined.  The opening team will need to open the combination lock to the Kantor enclosure gate, open the MSC combination lock on the MSC container, get corner flags and sand bags from the container (see below) to complete field setup.  The closing team will need to put everything back, neatly, into the container.  The last team on the fields is responsible for moving the gals off of the field and making sure the whole field area (not just the field you used) is spotless when you leave.  The last team to leave must make sure that the container and both gates to the field are locked and that the MSC banner is returned to the container.
    Randall's 50, 51, 71, 80, 81, Kantor 1, 2 and 3:    These are grass fields.  The opening team will need to get a set of spiked corner flags from the container.  If necessary also use sand bags to secure the goals. The fields should already be lined.  The closing team will need to put everything back, neatly, in the container.  The last team on the fields is responsible for making sure the whole field area (not just the field you used) is spotless when you leave.  Also, the last team to leave Kantor must make sure that the container and both gates to the field are locked and that the MSC banner is returned to the container.

    Container: The Club’s container is located under the train trestle just inside the main gate to Kantor Fields.  The container is locked with a heavy chain and combination lock.  The four digit combination for the lock on the container will be announced in the Fied Director's weekly email.   Please note that after you dial the combination, you must squeeze together the two parts of the lock before it will pop open.  Make sure you move the dial and try the lock when locking up.

    The container door can be quite difficult to open. You only need open the right hand side, and will need to do so by turning the two bolt handles all the way to the left. Generally, if you turn one as far as you can, then the other as far as you can, then work on the first again, then the second again, the door will finally pop open. Sometimes even after the bolts are cranked all the way to the left, the door still doesn't pop open. Try to find a stick or something to pry it open at the top; it should pop rather easily.

    Closing the container is much easier than opening it (crank the bolts to the right and it will close tightly). To lock it again, squeeze the two parts of the lock together and spin the dial while holding down. PLEASE ALWAYS TAKE THE TIME TO DOUBLE CHECK THAT ALL THE LOCKS ARE IN FACT LOCKED PROPERLY BEFORE YOU DRIVE AWAY.

    Who is responsible for the equipment?  Please note that whatever team is on the field at any given time is the team responsible for the equipment. This means that if it starts to rain heavily in the middle of the day, whatever team is then playing may not abandon the equipment on the field. Therefore all teams scheduled to play for any given day should be ready to handle take down if so needed.

    If any games are rained out, one representative of each team whose game was canceled must stay at the field for a half hour after the scheduled start time, in case an opposing team or player who did not hear of the cancellation should show up. (This does not apply if the Westchester Youth Soccer League itself has canceled all games for the day.) Failure to do so may result in a fine against the team.

    Lining the fields: The Club uses an independent contractor to line the fields for our games.  He is usually there on Fridays and again on Sunday mornings.  However, you cannot assume that fields are lined for you, and in any case, if it rains before your game you may need to redo the lines. This means that if you are the set up team, you will need to check your field in advance. If you do need to line the field, you will find equipment and paint in the container. You should not need more than four cans of paint. Please throw away empty paint cans. If you need string to re paint a line that has faded or disappeared, there is string in the container. Please rewind it carefully. Be gentle with the paint machines. On the green plastic machines, be sure to lock the black plastic handle in place before you use it. The machines can be adjusted to move the paint can higher which makes a wider line.

    What to do if another group is using the field assigned to you: There are inevitably occasions when you will arrive at the field and find another group using your assigned field, or part of it. You should always have a copy of our permit with you. If a conflict arises, you should ask to see the other group's permit and be ready to show them ours. If you still can't resolve who gets to use the space don’t argue; find a Parks Department employee (often someone will be at Icahn field) and ask them to sort things out.


DO'S AND DON'TS OF TAKE-DOWN (portable goals):

When removing the flags, do NOT pull them up by the plastic poles. Squat down and pull them up by the metal feet.
Please make sure to double check the equipment and the tools in each goodie bag against the following check list before you leave the field. The 8v8 teams should be returning four bags to the container as follows:
Two long gray goal bags, each containing one portable goal:
one center top pole
two side top poles
two legs
two straight feet
two curved feet

Attached to the handle is a goodie bag with one hammer, one railroad tie, three stakes, and extra velcro
For 8v8 teams, one black duffel bag containing two orange nets; for 11v11 teams, one gray bag with two blue nets.
One royal blue bag containing four corner flags. Attached to the bag handle is a goodie bag containing a hammer (8v8 teams) or hammer, stakes, velcro (11v11 teams).

Make sure the lock on the container is locked properly and holds before you leave. This is very important!

Contact Bill Armstrong (warmstrong@waldinc.com) with questions.