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General Tryout Information

Manhattan Soccer Club holds its annual tryouts for all age groups each spring (except Boys High school ages which are held int he fall.) After these tryouts, and in consultation with the club’s trainers, teams are formed to play in the following Fall and Spring seasons.

Why play Travel Soccer?
We have been playing competitive, travel soccer in Manhattan for almost 15 years. What started as a desire to play in the spring has grown into one of the most successful soccer Clubs in our area. Here's an excerpt from our mission statement. "The mission of the Manhattan Soccer Club is to develop competitive youth teams by giving every player the opportunity to excel at soccer and to build positive character and promote principles of fair play by providing an enjoyable, fair and high quality soccer program." In short, our Club is for the player who wants to take his or her game to their next level in a supportive, caring environment, with the benefit of experienced coaching. We work hard. We have great kids. We have a lot of fun!

When are practices and games?
WYSL games are on Sunday afternoons in the fall and the spring. Teams normally practice twice weekly during the seasons and once weekly during the winter as pre-season training. Our teams employ paid coaches, who have vast soccer experience and train our players in skills and game play. Our teams also enter at least one tournament each season, which are a highlight for our children and their parents.

Where are the games and how do we get there?
This is another fun part of travel soccer. Home games are usually on Randall’s and Wards Islands (under the Triborough Bridge). Away games are spread throughout lower Westchester -Scarsdale, Larchmont, etc. Your team will organize rides among the parents with cars. A travel coordinator is a great job for a parent on the team.

What costs are involved?
Costs are shared by the parents on the team. Fundraising augments parent contributions. Teams keep an account within the Club treasury. A reasonable budget for a typical team is approximately $1,750 per year. This number can vary each season, depending on the age group, the number of tournaments played, etc. This includes Club and League registration, a uniform, gym space and coach expenses. By Club rules, however, no player is ever denied a spot because of inability to pay. Full and partial scholarships are available.

How many players will make the team?
For U9 - U11 divisions, The Club would like to have 3-4 teams each for both the boys and girls, with approximately 10-12 players per team. In order for 30-40 players to be chosen from each gender, we have to be certain that there are enough qualified players and supporting volunteers. At a minimum, each team needs one parent assistant coach and one manager. U12 divisions and above usually have 2-3 teams each for both boys and girls, with 16-22 players on each team roster.

What's the tryout like?
This is frankly the least favorite part of organizing a competitive soccer club, but our process is as fair and impartial as we can make it. The Club arranges for experienced soccer trainers to run the tryout. After a registration and warm up period, the tryout uusally consists of drills followed by small-sided games. Your child will be wearing a number and his or her progress will be evaluated throughout the tryout. Parents are NOT allowed to participate in the tryout and must keep a reasonable distance away from the action. After the tryout, the evaluators meet and decide whom they would like to see again. Criteria include all the facets that make up good soccer players.

For more general tryout information, see our tryouts guidelines.
Tryout coordinators: Robert Ginzberg  robginzberg@gmail.com or Jason kahan  jasonjkahan@gmail.com